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Colony Collapse: feature film

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Join us on our path to bring environmental education for 4 to 7 years olds to television.

Let's Take A Walk...

Through the discovery of various eco-systems, Let's Take a Walk... teaches hiking and
outdoor safety skills while encouraging respect for the environment by
building an appreciation of our delicate natural resources.



On the Beach     
In the Woods     
At the Harbor     
Where the River Meets the Shore     
Around the Farm      
Through the Garden     
Into Tide Pools       
Where Mountains Meet the Sky        
Into the Caves
Into the Sky
Dessert Sands
Swampy Waters

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Be the change you want to see in the world.
Be part of the solution.
Teach your children how to be in nature.


Pescadero Marsh, San Mateo County, California Purissima Creek Redwoods State Park, California
Pomponio State Beach,
San Mateo County, California Coast
This Educational "reality" TV series for children encourages respect for the environment by building an appreciation for our delicate natural resources. Calming and quiet, LET'S TAKE A WALK... takes children on guided journeys exploring various eco-systems. Each week together, we discover flora and fauna by exploring terrain and habitat. Through the senses we look and see, listen and hear, breathe and smell, touch and learn. Children build vocabulary through species identification while developing basic hiking and outdoor safety skills. Each episode involves a new eco-system: the beach, the woods and beyond, discovering snails and slugs, water creatures along the shoreline, fishing boats in the harbor and more. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of our relationship to nature.
teaches respect for nature by building an appreciation for the environment.
reflects an intimate connection between the camera and subject matter: discovering nature.
LET'S TAKE A WALK... relaxes and quietly engages children with gentle sounds and slow pacing. Soothing, acoustic guitar, flute and the natural ambient sounds of streams, water falls, birds and wind in the trees, strengthens the connection between the camera and the viewing child. Through the use of narration, dialogue and extreme close-up, the pacing is consciously slow and studied. The camera forms an intimate relationship with nature without abrupt edits or sounds. There is no violence, no offensive language or loud music. There are no war toys, chase scenes or puppets. The program is enhanced by language, reading and writing activities, field guides and Internet resources.

CREW: Basic ENG crew and a good HD digi-cam, digital steady-cam (3) , sound (2), director, make-up/wardrobe (2), child wrangler, research/staff (2-3).

TALENT: On-Camera talent consists of one host, 3 or 4 children of varied ethnicity. On select locations, special guest rangers, local fishermen, farmers, botanists, etc.

LOW BUDGET: Most locations in first season within 50 miles radius in San Francisco Bay Area, mainly San Mateo County, California. Our county has an excellent film commissioner and extremely good local resources for crew, post facility rental, etc. No location fees or studio rents. Public lands and parks. Permits required. A major portion of the budget can be a tax write off through Bay Area Video Coalition, fiscal sponsor through non-profit organization.

DPE: 5 days per episode (DPE) with host. Children on half days. One day for second unit.

REGISTERED: WGA All rights reserverd. Copyright, 2009. Mud Pie Productions

In seeking to develop this program, we hope to begin production of a full season of 13 episodes.

Take action toward the future of our children...because today we teach tomorrow's stewards of the earth. Be part of the change you want to see in how children relate to nature:  Inquiries can be sent directly to the production office:

Mud Pie Productions
P.O. Box 1624
El Granada, CA 94018-1624

Call Hester Schell, executive producer, writer,creator: (650) 726-5424

Email us: let us know about you!

 Let's Take A Walk...
Take the first step with us. You're going to feel so good knowing you've helped make a difference.


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Let's Take A Walk...
Take the first step with us. You're going to feel so good knowing you've helped make a difference.

Copyright, 2012. STUDIO SCHELL All rights reserved.

Email us: let us know about you!


Episode 1: Colony Collapse
The next generation has
a better idea on how to
run the family farm.

Film to Episodic TV Family Drama

Time to dump Uncle Sam
and Go Organic.