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New Cover to 2nd Edition, Now available everywhere.

New Cover to 2nd Edition, Now available everywhere.

SCHELL / Bay Area Casting
20105 SW Imperial Street
Beaverton, OR 97003 USA
C. 2018  USA






Hire us:  Full service includes most of the following,
depending on your needs, budget, union affiliation and
many other factors. CONTACT US for a consultation.

  • Detailed analysis of appropriate outreach.
  • Announcing audition to the community.
  • Contacting agents when applicable.
  • Collecting, Sorting headshots.
  • Collecting online footage, reels and links.
  • Meeting with agents when applicable.
  • Arrange support staff where necessary.
  • Setting up and running your audition sessions.
  • Mini DV Taping the session for your review.
  • Copy scripts for audition.
  • Act as “reader” for the session.
  • Arranging call-backs.
  • Notifying talent/agent of selection.
  • Referrals to other services.
  • Recommendations for crew/staffing.

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20105 SW Imperial St.
Beaverton, OR 97003  USA

C. 2019


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